Merge Infinite Data Points Into Unique Customer Experience

Combine customer data from online, and offline sources to create a unified, dynamic, and real-time customer profile and launch personalized campaigns to communicate with them through their preferred channels.

Collect Data From Anywhere​

By sending your data from any part of your business, all your enterprise data warehouses, mobile analytics platforms, customer support portals, as well as your website and mobile apps would be connected to dataArt through simple integrations.

Make Smart Decision Through Enriched Data​

Deep AI algorithms and predictive analytics, based on unified customer profiles, surface behaviors and predictions you never knew were there. Predict and suggest products which will be most interesting to your customers and most likely to buy.

Create Consistent Experience Across the Channels​

Easily design personalized and sophisticated campaigns, based on customer’s behavior and deliver it across every channel to engage your customers at each step of their journey.

See What DataArt Can Do For You​

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How Does DataArt Work?